Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find answers to the common questions below, in case your question is not answered here, please drop us a mail at

Q 1. What is Long Press? And how does it work?

The “Long Press” on apps will help you like if you long press on any app, you can:
  • Track your order
  • Visit the Career page
  • Call the customer care number
  • Visit the hot selling category
  • Notification management.
  • Direct access to important features which matters most.
  • Check data used by the app
  • Space occupied, and other relevant stats for all you apps.

Q 2. Can i use Databack even offline/without internet ?

Yes you can use Databack without internet, but data savings will not work.

Q 3. How Data Savings work?

You can save data by using any app that is installed on your device, just open & use apps from Databack :)

Q 4. How “Intelligent Notification System” will help me ?

  • You can check notification count mentioned as badge on an app
  • You can clear notifications in one click
  • You can check all your notifications at one place

Q 5. I invited a friend, but I didn't get the referral bonus, why?

Invite friends to install & register on DataBack app In Return, you get 100MB 3G/4G Data
  • 25MB when your friend registers with your referral link.
  • 25MB when your friend opens & uses the app for 5 days.
  • 50MB when your friend takes a FREE recharge.
Remember your friend needs to be a new user & needs to install DataBack app with your referral link. If you still face any issues, write to us at

Q 6. What is emergency recharge?

Emergency recharge we offer once in the month, so that you stay connected to the internet always.

Q 7. How does multiple app uninstall works?

Multiple uninstall is an utility, with it you can uninstall multiple app easily in following steps:
  • Press top right menu option
  • Click Multiple uninstall
  • Select apps
  • Press Uninstall
  • Done
For System Apps/Pre-installed apps - Some of preinstalled/system apps can’t be uninstalled. In some cases, they will be resetted to default.

Q 8. How can I see the DataBack tutorials again?

  • Press the question icon in top right area
  • The tutorials will play again

Q 9. How do I save 3G/4G data using DataBack?

Data saving is an automatic process in DataBack. You can simply use apps from Databack & save data.
Also, You can earn data by some of the following ways:
a) Apps - Use any app on your phone from DataBack & we will refund a part of your data spends.
b) Referral program - You can get Rs10 free talktime recharge & also 50MB for each friend who joins with your referral link.
c) Spin the Wheel- Exciting & surprise spins where you can win free data upto 50MB daily, get lucky.

Q 10. How will DataBack app help me?

DataBack save up to 50% of mobile data on the favorite apps you use. For example: If you use Facebook for 10-15 minutes, you may spend around 5MB - 6MB of Mobile/Wi-Fi data. A part of this data spent is saved and is added to your DataBack wallet which can later be used to take a free emergency data recharge for your phone.

Q 11. How can I get more bonus 3G/4G data?

While using DataBack you can collect extra data saved through the following simple ways-
  • 100MB from every friend who joins DataBack with your referral code.
  • Up to 100MB daily by taking part in the daily contest.
  • Up to 50MB daily from spin the wheel.

Q 12. I tried to recharge my phone but couldn’t do the same, what to do?

Mobile data recharges are dependent on your operator and availability of data packs. It may take up to 24 hours for your operator to process your recharge. Recharge is also an automated process. You need not worry in case of a Recharge Failure, the refunded data will be credited back in your DataBack wallet.

Q 13. How will I activate Live Data Tracker?

To activate & use Live Data Tracker, simply follow the following steps:
Step 1: Go to the Track data tab from the bottom navigation bar
Step 2: Click on Start Tracking
Step 3: Allow the necessary permissions & data tracker will get activated.
Step 4: Now use internet on any app to see the magic.

Q 14. How will the Live Data Tracker help me?

  • Live Data Tracker will help you to know which apps are eating all your costly mobile & wifi data in real time.
  • While using other apps, the tracker will show live data consumption for each app.

Q 15. How will monitoring Data usage help me?

Data tracker helps to monitor your Daily Data usage & data used by each app, all for the past 7 days. This helps finding out all those apps which are consuming your costly data, so that you can control how much data you spend and find out the suspect app.

Q 16. How can I hide the Data Tracker?

To hide the Data Tracker long press it on your screen and drag it to the hide option at the bottom of the screen.

Q 17. How do I turn off the data tracker?

On expanding the Data Tracker, click on the setting option where you can turn it off.

Q 18. How does Spin & Win work?

To try out your luck with Spin & Win, simply tap on the wheel icon in the centre of the bottom navigation tab & win upto 50 MB 3G/4G data daily. Try your luck now.

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