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You use a smartphone, great! But is it really a smartphone without internet? Sadly, no. What happens when there is no wifi and your mobile data pack finishes? You are cut off from the world. We want your mobile data packs to never finish, that is why Databack save your mobile data spent by using your favourite apps. You can also earn extra mobile data by inviting friends and participating in contests.

Long press on any app to open app card & get shortcuts such as : Order Tracking, offers, careers and also check the stats of the app such as data used, space occupied etc..

Databack app is only 6MB and sign up takes only 10 seconds. Just verify your mobile number and you are done!

Use apps already installed on your phone and we will save your 2G/3G & 4G data.

Get upto 100MB mobile data by inviting friends to try Databack app and participating in contests


Notification badges: Check count of notifications & clear them all or one by one

Supported on all major Android devices & OS versions. Databack is completely safe for your smartphone.

We support Mobile data pack recharges for all major operators. Recharge packs work the same way as that from your neighbourhood shop.

Recharge instantly and use this data to access mobile internet, like you normally do. Databack does not restrict your data usage to specific apps.

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Databack offers user engagement solutions like no other. See your app's retention, usage and active users spike!
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